The Visual Detox

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    DescriptionThe Visual Detox

    Marine Tanguy
    288 pages, includes a plate section with approx. 25 images

    The average person sees about 10,000 commercial visuals a day. Yet, research shows we can only process about 1% of the visual information we encounter. If a picture is worth a thousand words, where does this excess leave us?

    In The Visual Detox, art expert and businesswoman Marine Tanguy explains how the imagery we see shapes our wellbeing. She gives us new tools to think critically about images, combat information overload and participate more in the visual world around us by engaging with the art and content that improves our day-to-day experiences online, at work, in our homes and in public spaces. Drawing on science and insightful case studies, she shows us how to:· learn the type of thinker you are (spatial, visual, verbal?);· understand our brains’ interpretation of visual language;· decode the subtle negative messages in popular culture;· devise tiny hacks to block out the online noise· curate your surroundings to create soothing spaces.

    This handy guide to visual decluttering will empower you to reclaim your focus, peace of mind and sense of wonder.

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