The Solutionists : How Businesses Can Fix the Future

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    DescriptionThe Solutionists : How Businesses Can Fix the Future

    Solitaire Townsend
    280 pages

    In the face of our climate emergency, we desperately need solutionists working to fix the future. This is your handbook for becoming the leader that the world needs. The Solutionists sets out what it takes to join the new generation of entrepreneurs, CEOs and leaders transforming business to create a more sustainable society.

    Using a change blueprint, this book coaches you through the steps, mindsets and strategies that will put your organization at the forefront and take personal ownership of sustainability solutions. With an inspiring selection of stories from leading entrepreneurs and organizations, this book illustrates how sustainability solutionists are paving the way to solving the biggest crisis our planet has ever faced whilst driving business innovation and growth. Including plant-based food sources, net-zero technologies and circular platforms, these stories demonstrate how sustainable disruption can transform your business, regardless of size or industry.

    Solitaire Townsend has been inspiring the world's top brands for over two decades and, along with some of the world's leading solutionists, she invites you to join the answer activists and grow your business while co-creating a better world.

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