The Noble Rot Book: Wine from Another Galaxy

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    DescriptionThe Noble Rot Book: Wine from Another Galaxy

    Dan Keeling & Mark Andrew
    352 pages

    Dan and Mark do that thing that only crazy knowledgeable enthusiasts can do, they make you a crazy enthusiast too.

    If they said, 'We've found a wine like no other, a wine that actually lights up the sky, but you can only drink it in the desert at midnight, are you coming? Id be off, and I'd be confident of meteor showers. They provoke curiosity - 'how does anyone make this extraordinary drink just with grapes?' - excitement, joy, and a longing for knowledge. Now, in this book, they're sharing the knowledge." - Diana Henry"To really know and love a wine one should know the grower and the vineyard.

    This isn't always or even often possible, which is why the Rotters introduce these wines at source. You learn that making wine, as cooking should be, is an act of love. You will come to love this book too." - Rowley LeighChoosing wine in a restaurant or shop can seem an unfathomable business.

    But, according to Dan Keeling and Mark Andrew, the duo behind London's Noble Rot, it needn't be that way. In Wine from Another Galaxy they'll help you to understand how it is made, where to buy it, what to look for when you drink it, and how to talk about it. And once you've mastered the basics, they'll take you on a journey through the best of European wine culture, meeting the people and places behind their favourite bottles.

    Indeed, Dan and Mark have spent years visiting growers that you probably haven't heard of, from the original thinkers of the natural wine movement to the iconic estates of Burgundy and Bordeaux. This is the alternative, accessible, no-holds-barred guide to wine, where the usual cliches and rules don't apply.

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