The Invisible Hotel

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    DescriptionThe Invisible Hotel

    Yeji Y. Ham

    Yewon is trapped. She's stuck in Dalbit, the small Korean village of her birth, where the ancestral bones of her relatives live in her bathtub. Reeling from the loss of her father, she works long days at the convenience store and tries to keep the peace between her mother and sister, who are constantly at each other's throats.

    But the nightmares are coming.

    Her little brother has just been conscripted into the Korean army, and he's stationed near the North Korean border, sent to the frontlines of a decades-long war that they no longer understand. As news coverage about the North breaking armistice comes into sickeningly sharp relief, Yewon's dreams about the ravaged hotel - where the war rages on - start to seep into her reality, and she is forced to confront the truth of her country, and the full weight of her inheritance...

    Stylish, visceral and haunting, The Invisible Hotel is an unforgettable literary horror about the human consequences of a war that has continued for over seven decades, and the toll of being born into a conflict that shows no signs of stopping.

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