The Hunger of the Gods : Book Two of the Bloodsworn Saga

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    DescriptionThe Hunger of the Gods : Book Two of the Bloodsworn Saga

    John Gwynne
    672 pages

    The Hunger of the Gods continues John Gwynne's acclaimed Norse-inspired epic fantasy series, packed with myth, magic and bloody vengeanceLik-Rifa, the dragon god of legend, has been freed from her eternal prison. Now she plots a new age of blood and conquest. As Orka continues the hunt for her missing son, the Bloodsworn sweep south in a desperate race to save one of their own - and Varg takes the first steps on the path of vengeance.

    Elvar has sworn to fulfil her blood oath and rescue a prisoner from the clutches of Lik-Rifa and her dragonborn followers, but first she must persuade the Battle-Grim to follow her. Yet even the might of the Bloodsworn and Battle-Grim cannot stand alone against a dragon god. Their hope lies within the mad writings of a chained god.

    A book of forbidden magic with the power to raise the wolf god Ulfrir from the dead . . .

    and bring about a battle that will shake the foundations of the earth.

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