The Darlings of the Asylum

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    DescriptionThe Darlings of the Asylum

    Noel O'Reilly
    Paperback / softback
    384 pages

    To marry is madness. To escape is impossible. 'The Darlings of the Asylum by Noel O'Reilly grips like a vice' Nicola Cornick In 1886, a respectable young woman must acquire a husband.

    But Violet Pring longs to be a professional artist and live on her own terms. When she turns down a desirable marriage proposal from an eligible Brighton gentleman, her family have had enough of her independent streak. Against her wishes, they lock her away in Hillwood Grange Lunatic Asylum.

    Now at the mercy of the sinister Dr Rastrick, she must keep her wits about her if she has any hope of escaping. This tantalizing Gothic novel from Noel O'Reilly tells a thrilling story of duty and desire, madness and sanity, truth and delusion from within a Victorian asylum.

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