The Original Rider Waite: The Book Of Ceremonial Magic

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    DescriptionThe Original Rider Waite: The Book Of Ceremonial Magic

    A.E. Waite
    368 pages

    From renowned scholar of the occult and creator of the world-famous Rider Waite Tarot Deck, A E Waite comes a new edition of his landmark book on magic. Featuring the original intricate illustrations, The Book of Ceremonial Magic offers an in-depth exploration of the darker side of grimoire, ceremony, demons and spirits. This is a spellbinding book for anyone interested in the grotesque detail of black magic and the ceremonies and rituals that surrounded it.

    With whole chapters dedicated to describing how early incarnations of the occult prepared to engage with demons, this book will illustrate the deeper historical context of esoteric arts and the development of the occult, setting the context for how we perceive and understand magic today.

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