Rest Is Resistance

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    DescriptionRest Is Resistance

    Tricia Hersey
    224 pages

    'May we have space to navigate our lives from a liberated rest state.

    May all of culture slow down. The time to rest is now.' - The Nap MinistryReclaim your power and heal from grind culture Rest is Resistance is a call-to-action for anyone suffering from the toxic urgency of modern-day life. It centres around the systemic issues that cause us to overwork, and ultimately burn out, and offers liberation through rest.

    In its simplest form, rest becomes an act of resistance and a reclaiming of power because it disrupts and pushes back against capitalism and white supremacy. Slowing down moves us away from trying to operate at machine levels of productivity, to make us all more human. In this fierce and tender manifesto, Tricia Hersey elevates rest as a divine right, and paves the way towards a more well-rested life that empowers imagination, invention and healing.

    Divided into four sections, Rest is Resistance explains Tricia's philosophy and methods, and includes both storytelling and practical advice. It will offer you the guidance and context to craft a rest practice for long-term health, both within yourself and society as a whole.

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