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    Leila Mottley

    288 pages

    When there is no choice, all you have left to do is walk. Kiara Johnson does not know what it is to live as a normal seventeen-year-old. With her mother in a halfway house and an older brother who devotes his time and money to a recording studio, she fends for herself and for nine-year-old Trevor, whose own mother is prone to disappearing for days at a time.

    As the landlord of their apartment block threatens to raise their rent, Kiara finds herself walking the streets after dark, determined to survive in a world that refuses to protect her. Then one night Kiara is picked up by two police officers, and the gruesome deal she is offered in exchange for her freedom lands her at the centre of a media storm. If she agrees to testify in a grand jury trial, she could help expose the sickening corruption of a police department.

    But honesty comes at a price one that could leave her family vulnerable to their retaliation, and endanger everyone she loves.

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