The Spiderwick Chronicles: Lucinda's Secret : 3

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    DescriptionThe Spiderwick Chronicles: Lucinda's Secret : 3

    by Holly Black (Author) , Tony DiTerlizzi (Author)
    144 pages

    Prepare to enter the magical world of The Spiderwick Chronicles, the bestselling series from Tony DiTerlizzi and Holly Black! Now reissued in beautiful hardback editions, perfect for fans of the series as well as a new generation of readers. Things at the Spiderwick estate are out of control. As if being attacked by goblins and a bridge troll wasn't enough, now the house boggart, Thimbletack, is out to get Jared.

    Meanwhile, Simon has a very hungry griffon recuperating in the carriage house, and Mallory is convinced that the only way to stop the madness is to destroy Arthur Spiderwick's Field Guide. But with all kinds of creatures after them, the Guide seems to be the only protection the Grace kids have. If they could just figure out the faeries want it so badly...

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