Love Me, Love Me Not

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    Description Love Me, Love Me Not

    Kirsty Capes
    384 pages

    Lucy Banbury is fine. Until she isn't... Lucy Banbury isn't the sort of person that everyone gets along with - she's prickly and secretive, and she likes things ordered 'just so'.

    But things couldn't be going better for her - she swims three times a week, she's on the cusp of a huge promotion at work and she's dating someone perfect on paper. But when she discovers at a family wedding that she's adopted, her whole world is shattered. Those cracks she's taken years to plaster over are beginning to surface and she's not sure how much longer she can keep all her secrets hidden, all whilst pretending to be someone she's not...

    Because how can you pretend to love your life, when nobody loves you?

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