Journey by Moonlight

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    DescriptionJourney by Moonlight

    Antal Szerb
    304 pages

    A major modern classic: the turbulent story of a businessman torn between middle-class respectability and sensational bohemoia.

    Mihaly and Erzsi are on honeymoon in Italy. Mihaly has recently joined the respectable family firm in Budapest, but as his gaze passes over the mysterious back-alleys of Venice, memories of his bohemian past reawaken his old desire to wander. When bride and groom become separated at a provincial train station, Mihaly embarks on a chaotic and bizarre journey that leads him finally to Rome, where he must reckon with both his past and his future.

    In this intoxicating and satirical masterpiece, Szerb takes us deep into the conflicting desires of marriage and shows how adulthood can reverberate endlessly with the ache of youth. Part of the Pushkin Press Classics series: timeless storytelling by icons of literature, hand-picked from around the globe.

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