Intuitive Cooking (Including Booklet)

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    Description Intuitive Cooking (Including Booklet)

    Katrien Claus

    Fun-loving Belgian Katrien Claus lives in the Spanish Pyrenees. There, she has become more in tune with her senses, created her own vegetable garden and figured out how we can get back in contact with our imagination, tastebuds and the desire to simply enjoy spending time in the kitchen. Now, she has poured all her playful culinary know-how into a very special book: Intuitive Cooking.

    Although it features tasty and healthy recipes, Intuitive Cooking is much more than “just” a cookbook: In these times of information overload, Instagram food porn, bake-off TV shows and guru chefs, cooking can become more than a little intimidating. With her personal tales and anecdotes, Katrien takes a fun and liberating look at this paralysing culinary straitjacket. Intuitive Cooking helps you to once again become your own easy-going boss in the kitchen and takes the grind out of everyday cooking.

    One of Katrien’s goals is to make your culinary confidence grow, allowing you to adapt the book as you like. It includes a small, separate booklet with tips and tricks to boost your creativity, helping you to learn to play with textures, natural flavour enhancers, colours and shapes. There are also suggestions on how to make your children eat healthier and the optimal use of ingredients. What’s more, plenty of space is provided for you to jot down your own thoughts and ideas.

    The majority of the book’s recipes are vegetarian or vegan, with simple indications to convert its fish- and meat-based dishes to the either of the former. What all of them have in common is that they take into account our ecological “foodprint” and the planet’s wellbeing.

    Katrien Claus has been living in Spain for 25 years and has a passion for food. She lived through Barcelona’s inspirational culinary revolution of the 1990s and organises cooking workshops in her idyllic village in the Catalan Pyrenees (

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