If I Survive You

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    DescriptionIf I Survive You

    Jonathan Escoffery

    A major debut that follows a Jamaican family in Miami navigating recession, racism and Hurricane Andrew.1979. Topper and Sanya flee to Miami as political violence consumes their native Kingston.

    But they soon learn that the welcome in America will be far from warm.Trelawny, their youngest son, comes of age in a society which regards him with suspicion, greeting him with the puzzled question 'What are you?'Their eldest son Delano's longing for a better future for his own children is equalled only by his recklessness in trying to secure it.As both brothers navigate the obstacles littered in their path - an unreliable father, racism, a financial crisis and Hurricane Andrew - they find themselves increasingly pitted against one another. Will their rivalry be the thing that finally tears their family apart?If I Survive You pulses with inimitable style, heart and barbed humour while unravelling what it means to carve out an existence between cultures, homes and pay checks. It announces Jonathan Escoffery as a chronicler of life at its most gruesome and hopeful.

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