Farts aren't Invisible

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    DescriptionFarts aren't Invisible

    Mick O'Hare
    224 pages

    A mind-bending, brain-expanding cornucopia of facts for curious minds from the bestselling author of Why Don't Penguins' Feet Freeze? and Does Anything Eat Wasps?Own the room with this hilarious collection of fact-tastic myth-busters and jaw-dropping trivia exploring science, history, sport and lesser-known facts from across the universe. Did you know that the Moon has a Bishop?That ostriches DON'T bury their heads in the sand?And that powdered rice was used as cement in the Great Wall of China?What do souls weigh?What can't 60% of the human population smell?And what on earth is rhinotillexomania?And the big one...are farts actually invisible?The answers to these questions are all here. Challenge your brain, turn your world upside down and relish the irresistible mix of wit and wisdom.

    It's also a perfect gift for the brainiac in your life.

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