Book Club Ticket: Julia (29.11.23 @ 20h30)

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    DescriptionBook Club Ticket: Julia (29.11.23 @ 20h30)

    Retellings of classic tales, especially the Greek myths, have been in vogue recently, but one has to be truly bold to retell a novel that was written just last century–and Sandra Newman delivers. It was eerie how the dialogue often matches the text of 1984 word for word, but the reader sees the words in an entirely new context. Julia in this new depiction is wily, and has such a dense knowledge of–shall we say “practical”--workings of Airstrip One, that it is hard not to see Winston as a kind of buffoon. The Oceania Newman builds feels fuller and more true to life. So, join us, comrades, on November 29th at 20h30, and until then remember: Big Brother Is Watching You!

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