Clytemnestra (Paperback)

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    Description Clytemnestra (Paperback)

    Costanza Casati
    467 pages

    erfect for fans of ARIADNE and THE SONG OF ACHILLES, pre-order this extraordinary retelling of history's most infamous heroine.

    Mother. Monarch.

    Murderer. Magnificent.

    You are born to a king, but marry a tyrant. You stand helplessly as he sacrifices your child to placate the gods.

    You watch him wage war on a foreign shore and comfort yourself with violent thoughts of your own.

    You play the part, fooling enemies who deny you justice. Slowly, you plot.

    You are Clytemnestra.

    But when the husband who owns you returns in triumph, what then?

    Acceptance or vengeance - infamy follows both. So you bide your time and wait, until you might force the gods' hands and take revenge.

    Until you rise. For you understood something that the others don't. If power isn't given to you, you have to take it for yourself.

    A blazing novel set in the world of Ancient Greece and told through the eyes of its greatest heroine, this is a thrilling tale of power and prophecies, of hatred, love, and of an unforgettable Queen who fiercely dealt out death to those who wronged her.

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