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The Complete Plays

PaperbackAnton Chekhov...

The Importance of Being Earnest and Other Plays

SoftbackOscar Wilde The Importance of Being Earnest marks a central moment in late-Victorian literature, not only for its wit but also for its role in the shift from a Victorian to a Modern consciousn...

William Shakespeare

A Midsummer Night's Dream

Paperback A Midsummer Night's Dream is perhaps the best loved of Shakepeare's plays. It brings together aristocrats, workers, and fairies in a wood outside Athens, and from there the enchantment be...

Fifty Letters of Pliny

Pliny the Younger Paperback This selection of Pliny's letters is designed to be used with A Level classes. The commentary helps students who have no special knowledge of the social and political h...

Mother Courage And Her Children

Bertolt BrechtPaperback In this chronicle of the European Thirty Years War and taking place between the years 1624 and 1636, Mother Courage follows the armies back and forth across Europe, selling pr...

The Seagull

PaperbackAnton Chekhov...
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