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Zadie Smith

The Wife of Willesden

Paperback 144 pages Married five times. Mother. Lover. Aunt. Friend. She plays many roles round here. And neverScared to tell the whole of her truth, whetherOr not anyone wants to hear it. W...

William Shakespeare

Antony & Cleopatra (Arden Edition)

William Shakespeare Paperback 352 pages John Wilders - literary advisor to the BBC TV Shakespeare series - brings thorough scholarship and a practical understanding of performance needs to this...

William Shakespeare

All the Sonnets of Shakespeare

Hardback 306 pages How can we look afresh at Shakespeare as a writer of sonnets? What new light might they shed on his career, personality, and sexuality? Shakespeare wrote sonnets for at least t...

The Seagull

PaperbackAnton Chekhov...
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