Book Club Ticket: Lily (11.10.23 @ 20h30)

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    DescriptionBook Club Ticket: Lily (11.10.23 @ 20h30)

    In the reviews of our last book club, we had a lot of people asking for a work of historical fiction, so we are pleased to announce that our next book club read will be Lily: A Tale of Revenge. It is not a love story, and being an orphan in Victorian London is no picnic. Still, Lily cuts such a sympathetic figure and the novel unfolds with such pace that you’ll find yourself fully immersed in her world and hanging on every word in no time. The sumptuousness of Rose Tremain’s prose is felt most during the happier bits, like when we visit Rookery Farm and or meet the fabulous Belle Prettywood, maker of fine wigs and seducer of wealthy gentlemen. As for the darker bits, you’ll have to read it to find out about those.

    So please join us on 11 October at 20h30 to discuss this whirling tale of Victorian hypocrisy and sweet revenge.

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    *Please arrive before 20h30.
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