Are You Happy Now

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    DescriptionAre You Happy Now

    Hanna Jameson
    368 pages

    A New York City wedding. Two great love stories. The beginning of a breaking world.

    Yun and Emory fall into an intense romance, and then don't let go. Andrew is clinging to his marriage, but knows he's lying to himself. Fin can't resist ruining things, until he meets the right person.

    But on that night, the world shifts in an impossible way. One of the wedding guests suddenly sits down and never gets back up. Soon people are doing it all across the world.

    Is it a choice - or an illness?Can anyone be happy in a world where the only choice is to feel everything - or nothing at all? An intensely compulsive novel for anyone who has ever felt hopeful and helpless in one breath, ARE YOU HAPPY NOW is about how you keep living when the world is on fire.

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